Our Killingworth lawn and hydroseeding company offers everything you need to create, and correct, a lush, beautiful lawn. Unlike some other lawn and hydroseeding companies in Killingworth, we own our own state-of-the-art machinery for hydroseeding, lawn repair and grading. With this equipment and over 15 years of experience, we’ve gained a reputation as one of the very best hydroseeding contractors in Connecticut. If you’re looking for hydroseeding, lawn installation, or other lawn services for your Killingworth home or business, we’d love to help you create the lawn of your dreams.

Hydroseeding Services in Killingworth

Hydroseeding is the fastest and most affordable method to grow a lush new lawn, whether you need to create a whole lawn on a brand new lot or fill in an existing lawn. We use a custom mixture of mulch, fertilizer, grass seed, soil amendments, and water, designed specifically for the Killingworth Connecticut area. We spray the mixture over the ground, where it creates a nourishing environment for the grass seed to grow quickly. Within 3-4 weeks, you’ll have a beautiful fully grown lawn!

Lawn Repair Services in Killingworth

There are many reasons a lawn might be struggling, from poor soil quality to under- or over-watering. Or Killingworth lawn repair service starts with an expert evaluation of your lawn. We’ll determine what the problem is and develop a plan for repair. We may recommend targeted repairs or planting a whole new lawn. Either way, we will create a custom plan, including ongoing fertilization and watering, to create a perfect green lawn for your Killingworth home.

Lawn Overseeding Services in Killingworth

Over time, it’s natural for grass to thin out or develop bald patches. Overseeding is the solution – it restores your lawn to a filled in, lush state, without having to rip up or damage your existing lawn. As part of our overseeding service, we prep your existing lawn, then spread a custom mixture of seeds and fertilizers over your lawn. We talk with you about what you’re looking for and choose a grass variety that will grow successfully in Killingworth, and that will blend seamlessly with your existing lawn. We’ll also evaluate any problems with your current lawn and take steps to correct them. Within about a month, you’ll have a lush, gorgeous lawn.

Grading Services in Killingworth

Proper grading is the first step to a successful lawn and attractive landscaping. Our Killingworth grading service begins with evaluating drainage, soil conditions, and your plans for any walls, steps, or other landscaping features. We then carefully prepare the site by clearing away rocks, weeds, and debris. Next, we carefully grade and condition the soil. If necessary, we will bring in fill or top soil. The result is the perfect canvas for growing a great lawn.

Lawn Installation Services in Killingworth

No property is complete without a lawn. We provide complete lawn installation, including topsoil where necessary, seeding, and mulch. Each project is unique; we offer a number of different grass seeds all selected for success in the Killingworth area. We’ll discuss with you what kind of look you want for your lawn, and each lawn installation service comes complete with follow up care instructions and expert advice.

Our goal is for all Killingworth, Connecticut families and businesses to be able to take pride in their lawns. For a free estimate for your project, give us a call at (860) 398-0538 today!

Our Hydroseeding and Lawn Projects: