Connecticut Hydroseeding Services

Connecticut Hydroseeding Services

Girgenti Landscaping’s Connecticut Hydroseeding Services offer the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to a beautiful lawn. We offer top of the line products and services in the Hydroseeding industry.

Not like the typical landscaping company that rents the equipment, our Connecticut Hydroseeding Services own all of our hydroseeding equipment. This allows us to complete our jobs correctly leaving you with a perfect finished result. We also offer Organic Hydroseeding! Contact us if your lawn needs our expertise or Connecticut Hydroseeding Services.

What is Hydroseeding?

The process of hydroseeding starts with a combination of mulch, fertilizer, seed, healthy soil amendments and tackifiers mixed with water in our HydroSeeder machine. The mixture is then sprayed onto the ground from the tank. The material is called a slurry. When this is applied to the ground, it will create a healthy growth environment for the grass seed. ​When the slurry dries, it creates a mat over the ground, protecting the area from erosion. The mat protects the seeds from being washed away in the rain, eaten by birds, and provides moisture retention.

When is the best time to Hydroseed?

Spring or Fall are the best time to hydroseed. Summer time requires watering more frequently in hydroseeding, because of the hot weather. But provides lightening fast germination. With the weather in Connecticut every year the seeding season varies.

CT Hydroseeding Services
CT Hydroseeding Services

Why Would I Want to Hydroseed?

  1. Speed – Get a fully grown lawn within 3-4 weeks. Grass will start growing in about 7 days with proper follow up care.
  2. Cost – You will pay 80% less when hydroseeding, then sod. Sod will cost you more in labor plus material.
  3. Health – Grow a healthier and stronger lawn with hydroseed. Sod usually dries out in the process of delivery, which compromises the quality.
  4. Coverage – Hand-seeded lawn can often have patches and sparse. While hydroseeded lawn has excellent coverage, giving you a beautiful lawn.

Did You Know…..

Hydroseed is not only for brand new lawns? 
There are many homeowners unhappy about their existing lawn, but our Connecticut Hydroseeding Services can be the solution. Girgenti Landscaping has light duty equipment designed for these type of jobs. We can prep your soil without damage to your existing lawn. Our Connecticut Hydroseeding Services have also developed a two step hydroseeding application that yields excellent results.